Monday, 23 January 2017

Love Messages

Faith Makes All Things Possible
Luv Makes All Things Easy
Hopes Makes All Things Work
Bt Ur Gorgeous Smile Brings All Faith
Luv & Hope in Me!

My Name Is Dr.Luv
I m Specalist Of Luvlogy
I Complt My Luvlogy Cours 4rm University Of Hrt
Dis Is Nearst Of Evry Boy Street
If Any Prsn Want To Meet Me
So Plz Welcome
My Address Is
Hrt Empir
Room 143
Opposite Ishq School
Mohabbat Colony
Behind Dil Nagar

My Silence Dosent Mean
My Disappearence Dosent Mean
Coz U R Mine
U Will Alwys B In My DEEP HRT

Evry1 Says
U Only Fall In Luv
Once Bt Dats Wrong

Evrytym I See ur Smile
I Fall In Luv All Over Again
Luv U

Good Morning Quotes For Boyfriend

Lyf Spend Wd Sm1 May B Meaningles..
Few Moments Spend Wd Sm1
Who Really Luvs U Or Whom U Luv
More Dan Lyf Itself..

I Nvr Serchd Bt I Found U
I Nvr Asked Bt I Hv U
I Nvr Wished Bt It Cum True
I Thank GOD
4 Giving Me A Sweet Prsn Lyk U!

Age Does Not Protect u From Luv
Bt Luv
To Sm Extent
Protects U From Age
True Luv Can Be Delayed
Bt Not Denied

You get hurt only by people who occupy a big part of your heart.
The more it hurts, the more important the person is.

In My Dreams U Give Me Ur Heart,
In My Dreams We Were Never Apart..
In My Dreams U Kept Me Close,
In My Dreams U Loved Me The Most..
In My Dreams We're Always Together,
Might As Well Be Dreaming Forever..!

7 Asma Ki Sair Hm Kr Aaye
Sare Sitaron Se Dosti Hm Kr Aye
1 Sitara Tha Usme Khas
Jise Apne Sath Le Aye
vrna Ap Hi Bataiye
Ap Is Zami Pr Kaise Aye

Phulon Ko To Khilte Dekha Hai
Aj To Kante Bhi Khil Gye
Logo Ko To Milte Dekha Tha
Aj To Dharti Asman Bhi Mill Gye

Maine Poocha Khuda Se
Kemat Kya Hai Pyar Ki???
Khuda Bhi Has Ke Bola
Ansu Bhari Ankhein ..
Umr Intezar Ki!!!

Mombati K Andr Ka Dhaga Bola
Mai Jalta Hu To Tu Kyo Pigalti Hai?
Mombati Boli:
Jisko Dil Me Jagah Di
Vo Bichade To Ansu To Niklege Hi

Pyar Wo Nhi Jis Mai Jeet Aur Har Ho
Pyar Koi Chez Nhi Jo Har Waqt Tayar Ho
Pyar Woh Hai Jis Mai Kisi K Ane Ka
Aitbar Na Ho Phir Bhi Intezar Ho

Sitaro Ki Bhed Se Churaya Hai Apko
Dil K Kisi Khas Kone Me Bsaya Hai Apko
Is Rishte Ko Tutne Na Dena Kyuki
Is Dil K Kisi Khas Kone Me Chupaya Hai Apko

good night wishes for him

good night wishes for boyfriend

Love Messages

Luv Is Like A Pant
Bt Frndship
Is Lyk A Chaddi
Pant Phat Bhi Jaye To
Chaddi Izzat Bacha Leti Hai
So Thanx 4 Being My
Chaddi Frnd

I Luv U,
I Luv U,
I Luv U,
Hey! Dont Get Excited
I Luv Other Alphabets Too
V, W, X, Y, Z !



(' ; ')

Tension Happens In Brain
Luv Is Felt In Hrt
Den Y Do Ppl Get Hrt Attack
Wen Dey R Tensed
Y Ppl Get Mad Wen Dey R In Luv?

Good Morning Quotes For Girlfriend

We Asked Wat Is Luv?
A GIRL Gave Dis Cute Reply:
Luv Is When Ur Puppy Licks Ur Face
Evn After u Left Him Alone All Day

Hasna To Unki Ada Thi
Hm Hi Ghalat Samajh Baithe
Wo Haste Haste Chale Bhi Gye
Aur Hm hi Uhne Dil De Baithe

B Close 2 Sm1
Who Makes U Happy
Bt B Closer 2 Dat Prsn
Who Cant B Happy Widout U
And Feel D Difference!

Jiyo Itna K Mrna Mushkil Ho Jaye
Hasna Itna K Rona Mushkil Ho Jaye
Kisi Se Pyar Krna Buri Baat To Nhi
Magr Pyar Krna To Itna
K Bhulana Mushkil Ho Jaye..!

Pyar = Dukho Ka Bazar
Premi = Dukho Ka Kharidar
Premika = Dukho Ki Dukandar
Maa-Bap = Beech Ki Diwar
Behan = Salahkar
Bhai = Petne Ko Taiyar
So Luv Mat Krna Yar

Two Butterflies Were In Luv.

1 Day Dey Decided 2 Play Hide & Seek
Dey Fixed A Flowr & Decided Dat 2morrow
1 Who Will Come 1st
& Sit On Dis Flowr Will Luv
D Othr More.

At Morning D Male Butterfly Came Very Early
& Waited 4 D Flowr 2 Open
Wen D Flowr Opened
He Was Shocked 2 See Dat
D Female Butterfly Had Died Inside It
Bcoz She Was Waiting Since Last Night
2 Tell Him How Much She Luv Him

Dear O Dear
Ur Not Near
Bt I Can Hear
Dont Get Fear
Ur Memories R Here
Liv Wid Cheer
No Mere Tear
And Ur Mine Forever!

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