Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Miss You Poems For Him

4) I thought my life had a new dawn

I was certain that I had moved on

But it wasn’t so

Getting over heartbreak is painfully slow

I don’t know why

Sometimes without a reason, I cry

I am still confused

Why even now, my heart feels bruised

I don’t regret dating you

Nor do I regret the way things went askew

Life took its own turns, good and bad

I miss you because you were my love, not just a fad

Happy Birthday Wishes For Her

5) I am not happy

Nor am I too peppy

I am not sad

I don’t feel bad

I feel glum

My heart is numb

I just don’t know

Where’s my flow

Maybe I miss you

Maybe I don’t

Maybe you’ll reply

Maybe you won’t

Happy Birthday  Wishes For him

6) Why in the world

Did you have to become my boyfriend

Why in the world

Did you have to let our relationship end

Why in the world

My broken heart, did you not try to mend

Why in the world

Our love, did you have to suspend

Why in the world

Love, did you have to pretend

Why in the world

Did you have to become my ex-boyfriend

I miss you

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